Flowers are the probably the greatest expression of the beauty of Nature. You don't need to go into wild forests to spot flowers. They can be found in the midst of a metro. The different colors and expressions of the flowers can keep you watching for a long, long time.


Birds remind you of freedom - freedom that we can only dream of.


The grandeur of the Majestic mountains can only be experienced. No words or images can carry along the exotic experience of being a petty ant among the grand mountains. Photographs can only get back the glimpses of the memory of that experience.


Birds remind you of freedom - freedom that we can only dream of.


Insects are hated for no fault of theirs! Go close to them, and you will see the immense beauty that Nature has carved into each of these unique creations.


Animals and the wonderful expressions in their eyes have always attracted us. The charm of wild animals as well as the warmth of domestics is worth witnessing. Each animal is unique and you can feel this when you interact with them.

Here some glimpses my interactions with such animals.


The flowing Rivers that carry sparkling water, surrounded by greens have always attracted Philosophers and Nature Lovers alike. Such places naturally hold the serenity that one would always want.


Humans are an inseparable part of Nature. Each and every person on this earth has a unique personality and

Street Photography

The streets in metros are as interesting as the wild forests. The sight of people engrossed in their tasks, has always attracted photographers.

Hermit of Ajanta

Capturing work of art in your lense is an art in itself. These are some of the paintings by Mr G M Solegaonkar.